Isn’t Momma Spelled M-A-M-A?

I’m a stickler for spelling. I’m not perfect, and I’m thankful for spellcheck. Still, I like to make sure things are spelled correctly. Why, then, is my blog name misspelled? Blame my son, Shawn.

The Furry Guy and I would have loved to have had more children. About the time we were ready, though, we discovered I that I’m diabetic. I had had some trouble having Shawn, and that was before the diabetes. We decided it didn’t make sense to risk my health and the health of a baby by having another child.

Turns out we didn’t need to give birth to more in order to have lots of children. Shawn is a social person. Our house was occasionally filled with hordes of roaming teens. I believe it was his friend Kate who dubbed me Momma Bates. Soon the name caught on. I love young people, and I tend to mother people no matter who they are. Momma Bates fit.

In my head, that was Mama Bates, but Shawn soon corrected me. To him (and, hence, his friends) I was Momma. It took me a little while, but I decided I liked the creative spelling. It made me a little different. And, let’s face it—I am a little different.


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