I’m an expert at excuses. My ability to come up with them amazes me. I can make excuses for not exercising while I am putting in my time on the exercise bike. That’s right. I’m coming up with excuses for not exercising while I’m exercising. Brilliant.

Recently a report aired saying that science shows fat can be caused by a virus. That virus is contagious. One more great excuse—it’s my fat friends’ fault.

I’m working hard to combat the excuses. I still finished my 30 minutes on the bike. I did my strength training (which I alternate with yoga stretches). I’m working at making the voice of Excuses Rae less effective.

Oh, and for those who might be interested . . .
My Alternative Health Adviser and I talked about the carb fast. To a certain extent it’s working. Some of the issues I’ve been dealing with are getting better. However, the low blood sugar is a problem. I’m adding in just a bit of complex carbs—just enough to keep my blood sugar in a safe zone.


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