What Do They Hear?

I’m a Christian. I’m pretty open and vocal about that fact. I know a lot of people. Many of them are also Christians. Many aren’t. For those who aren’t, I may be the only Christian they know. What am I telling them about what it means to follow Christ?

My son at one point decided that he didn’t like being called a Christian. The word had, in his eyes, become watered down. Too many people who called themselves Christians behaved in abominable ways or, almost worse in his eyes, in no way different from those who profess no belief at all. It’s a shame, but I understood his concern.

I’ve had a few very nice comments about my blog. I’m thrilled and honored that people would choose to read the ramblings of some weird little red-headed (for now) woman sitting outside a tiny town in rural Indiana. It occurred to me, though, that I bear a lot of responsibility.

This blog grew out of my experiences on social sites—MySpace, Facebook, and Chef Success (a site for people involved with the same direct sales organization). My words, no matter where I post them, give others a glimpse into how I live my life. Am I positive or negative? Do I encourage or discourage? Do I project the joy of the Lord? Am I critical? Do I use language befitting a child of God?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to make sure I never complain about anything. We live in a fallen world, and dumb things (and people) happen. I also speak sarcasm fluently, so a bit of snarkiness is bound to slip in. But, do people reading my posts, wherever they appear, get the sense that knowing and serving Christ makes me different from the world at large?

As someone who strives to grow closer to God each day and to walk the path that He’s laid out for me, I hope I’m representing Him in a way that draws people to Him. I hope that He smiles as I write. I hope that I stand out as someone who loves people with His love. If not, I am but a clanging gong.


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