Simon Says

Simon Says is an interesting game. Most of us have played it at one time or another. You have to really listen to what the leader is saying. You can’t just watch him, since he’ll try to fool you. Things move quickly, so you find yourself struggling to keep up. The point is to be the last person standing.

Some people I’ve talked to seem to think God is like the leader of a giant game of Simon Says. They feel like He’s trying to trick them into tripping up; like He wants them to fail. They couldn’t be more wrong.

God gave us clear instructions to follow. We can take our time and re-read things over and over. His instructions are there for us whenever we choose to read them. He wants to help us, not trick us. And, in the end, the point is to have as many people standing with you as possible.

Unlike Simon Says, Christianity is a team game. We’re in it together. We can discuss our next move with someone we trust. We’re fighting a wily enemy, but he’s outnumbered and outgunned. We have God on our side.

That knowledge makes starting my day a whole lot easier.


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