It’s amazing what a difference there is in my day when I do things in the order of my priorities. Usually I get up and exercise before I have a chance to come up with an excuse that works. After exercising, when I’m wide awake and ready to face the day, I sit down and spend time doing my devotions—reading the Bible, praying, working through a study. Breakfast is next. After that I move to the computer. I check my email, post to my blog, check some business and personal blogs, and visit my social and business networking sites. How the day moves on from there depend on my schedule for that day.

Every once in a while I do things out of order. When that happens it’s usually because I’ve gone to the computer before my devotional time. Bad idea. Inevitably the day goes awry. Late in the day, as I’m sorting out where things went wrong, I’ll remember that morning switch.

I guess most people would figure that it shouldn’t make a difference whether I do my devotions before or after I spend time on the computer. The problem lies in the priorities. By putting God after my friends and business, I’ve taken Him out of His rightful place. I’ve engaged with the world before receiving my instructions for the day. It’s like leaving the house naked. I’m not clothed in the full armor of God.

This happens less frequently now than it used to. I don’t need the big truck to hit me more than a few times before I get it. Once I’m fully awake and alert, I need that one-on-one time with God before I attempt anything else. My attitude, my composure, and my sanity depend on it.


2 Responses to Priorities

  1. Crystal says:

    This is so true!!! I do my mornings about the same, exersize, then I go out to the garden and water while I visit with the Lord. I feel so much better if I make sure this happens BEFORE breakfast, shower, children, etc. This morning I forgot to water – small people were up at 6am!! Hence I missed my morning chat. I talk with Him all day, but that morning chat really makes a difference.

  2. mommabates says:

    It’s truly amazing how much of a difference it makes. No matter how much time I spend in His presence the rest of the day, that early morning time is essential for me.

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