A Wonderful Resource

I am just back from the national conference for my direct sales company. Wow! I have so many great ideas that I’m sifting through and implementing. Most of them are small tweaks to what I’ve been doing. A few are bigger. One is huge.

Let me explain. I’ve mentioned before that it is the relationships that make or break a business like mine. I believe I’m good at building those personal relationships. However, what I learned from Tammy Stanley, our guest speaker, will completely revolutionize how I deal with my hosts.

She helped me to put myself inside my host’s head. She helped me to see how I can truly let her know that we are partners in making the party a success. You see, it’s my party, her guests. And, it all starts with a heartfelt thank you. (I’m using “her” in reference to my hosts for the sake of convenience. Men host parties, too, but my business is mostly with women.)

Don’t get me wrong. I always thank my hosts for choosing me for their party. I know, though, I don’t always make sure that the host really understands that I know my business is totally reliant on people like her. I know I don’t make it clear that we are partners. Starting today, that will change.

I feel strongly about the information I got from Tammy’s workshop. Every moment was packed with insight or simple tools for benefitting from that insight. Her style was direct. She was entertaining, but never strayed from her message.

Now, I have a confession to make. I was familiar with Tammy before I ever went to the national conference. As usual, I checked out the guest speaker online a few weeks before the conference. I signed up for her weekly emails in order to get a feel for her, so I knew she had good stuff to share. That was an understatement.

If you are interested in learning more and/or signing up for her emails, you can find her by going to:


Feel free to tell her that Rae Bates sent you.


2 Responses to A Wonderful Resource

  1. Ann says:

    I was going to be “good” and not buy any materials from the vendors at Conference, but after hearing Tammy speak, I just had to get her CDs. I decided that I can listen to them, and I can lend them to the other consultants on my team. If we can each get one good idea AND IMPLEMENT IT (that’s the key, isn’t it?) then it will be worth the money.

    • mommabates says:

      I can’t blame you at all. And, implementing her ideas is definitely the key. The great thing about what she had to say is that it’s adaptable to just about any personality type.

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