Hard to Love

Lately our Bible study has been focused on 1 Peter. It’s a letter written to the persecuted church. Believers were scattered and scared. Peter encourages them to continue to be faithful and to behave as they’ve been taught. He points out that we are but sojourners, aliens in this world.

We’ve been talking about what it means to be aliens. What makes us different? What makes us stand out? One of the biggest differences is in the way we love. We are called to love unconditionally. We are called to love those who hate, mock, and persecute us.

We all have people in our lives who are hard to love. It isn’t easy to love people who treat you badly. Loving them isn’t about feelings as much as it is about attitude and actions. You don’t have to be a doormat for people who treat you poorly. You do need to pray for them and carefully consider your response. Watch your language. Make sure your responses are about their words or actions, not personal, character attacks. Walk away if necessary.

It’s not natural. It’s not easy. It’s not what people expect. It’s not even logical. It’s alien. That’s kind of the point. It’s also not possible to do under our own power.

Let Jesus love those people through you—even the ones that are hardest to love.


2 Responses to Hard to Love

  1. Crystal says:

    I agree with your assesment that acting this way make us aliens. My Mothers family is a prime example. My Great Aunt passed away last week, she had been quite ill and we were all thankful it happened so quickly. My Grandmother, 3 aunts and 2 cousins all descended on her house the next day. Our goal was to try to sort through, dispurse and pack-up the majority of her house & belongings. I know this looks like a set up for a family fued or at the very least a it sounds like a vulture-like event. However, my family is so amazing. We were there for 7 hours, with a lunch break at my Grandmothers house. The general comments for the day were: You need to take this. This would be perfect for your needs. Are you sure you guys don’t want this? Put that aside for so-and-so.
    I am so blessed to be raised by such loving, caring people. The only snappy comments made all day were, “Gramma if you don’t sit down we will take you home!” & “Gramma, stop cleaning! Sit here and sort books!!” She is having hip surgery next month, 4 days after her 80th birthday, but she just won’t listen or let us do things for her!!!

    I don’t know what I have done to deserve this family, but I do know that we must be from another planet to love and treat each other this way. Each of us said, at least once, we should do this more often – and we all knew it meant just to spend time together.

    • mommabates says:

      You are truly blessed, Crystal. Since I’ve spent so much of my life being very different from those around me, the whole alien thing is pretty natural. Loving unlovable people, not so much.

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