Enter Into Your Prayer Closet

Tell me if this ever happens to you. I decide that I’m going to sit down, read my Bible, and pray. That’s the exact moment that I start noticing everything around me that needs to be done. (It’s hard to concentrate when you keep telling yourself, “Don’t forget to add ketchup to the shopping list.”) I suddenly remember calls that need to be made. I have an unnatural urge to clean the bathroom.

It can sometimes be so difficult to focus on my time with God. I’m not someone who sees Satan behind every corner, but I do know that this is a trick of the enemy.

I’ve figured out a few things that have helped me. First, I have designated a specific time and place for my prayer and devotional time. It’s someplace comfortable and quiet. Second, I make sure I have a pen and notepad beside me so that instead of getting up to do something that pops into my mind I can just make a note. Finally, I make sure I have something to drink nearby. It’s amazing how dry my mouth can get when I’m attempting to sit at the feet of the King of Kings.

Once prepared, I can start. My preparations address the usual distractions I experience. Yours may be different. I encourage you, though, to take time daily to really spend time alone with the Lord. It’s definitely worth the effort to create your own prayer closet.


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