A Good Christian?

A good Christian attends every service, serves on several committees, never says no, always has a smile on their face, and gives lots of money to their church. Right? Not necessarily.

Being a follower of Christ is about loving Him and allowing Him to guide you. For some of us that might mean serving on committees. (Though, that would be hard for me, since our church doesn’t have committees.) For others it may mean reaching out to mentor and encourage someone at work or in their neighborhood.

Giving to church is important, but that’s not the only place God can use our money. Much more important is your attitude toward money. Do you grasp it tightly, or are you open to the Lord’s nudging to give?

Attitudes of the heart are the real issue. If I am open, teachable, and in love with God, I’m a good Christian. If not, it doesn’t matter how many services I attend, how many committees I serve on, or how much money I give. I haven’t earned the title.


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