Need Input

I love the movie Short Circuit. One of the early scenes has Number 5 searching for input. Input is important to my business as well.

Yesterday I suggested that it’s not really the length of your show that matters but your guests’ perception of your show’s length. One way to find out about that perception is to ask your guests for feedback. I do that with my survey slips. People fill them out to enter the door prize drawing. I tell them that I really and truly want their comments and suggestions.

Another way is to ask your hosts. I periodically send surveys to all of my hosts from a particular month or two. I especially do this if I feel like things aren’t going exactly like I’d like. The surveys vary. I ask what I’m wondering at the time. Here’s a sampling of things I’ve asked:

–Did you feel like I gave you enough attention before your party?

–Did you enjoy hosting a party?

–In talking with your friends after the party, did they seem to have a good time?

–Did anyone express disappointment with anything at the party?

–Is there anything you can suggest to help me do a better job in the future?

I offer a gift certificate good for 10% off their next order to hosts who complete and return the survey. That gift certificate has an expiration date about 30 days from the date of issue. This helps to encourage hosts to complete the survey. I’ve gotten some good feedback.

If you’re struggling in any are of your business, I suggest that you go to your guests and hosts and ask for input. Take detailed notes.

Here’s the hard part. No matter how positive or negative the feedback, simply say, “Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.” That’s it. Don’t explain. Don’t defend yourself.

The only thing left is to use that input to make changes to your shows. No, you can’t please everyone. You can’t adjust your show for every single suggestion. For instance, one suggestion I get fairly regularly is to make sure everyone receives a door prize. I understand, but there’s no way I can accommodate that request.

Listening to and adapting to the suggestions I receive has helped me to make my shows more fun for the guests. That’s the goal—helping people to have fun.


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