My Workplace Is an Altar

I have lots of jobs; some of which I receive pay for. For others my pay is a little less tangible. In addition to my direct sales business, I do some publication design. I sometimes do secretarial work through a national staffing agency. Of course, I’m also a wife, the mother of a grown son, and an active member of my church. This means I have several workplaces. My goal is to make each of those workplaces an altar on which I lay my work as a sacrifice of praise.

That takes different forms depending on which job I’m doing. In my direct sales business it means treating my customers with honesty, respect, and integrity. In my temping work it means doing my best at every single assignment, working as though working for the Lord.

At church it means not allowing church business (and busyness) to interfere with my worship of the one, true, living God.

At home it means remembering to treat my husband with at least as much respect and kindness as I treat those other people I work with. It means giving him more than just my emotional leftovers. It even means having an attitude of service when I clean the toilet.

We spend a huge percentage of our life working. If my whole life is to be a testimony, my work must be given to Him.

May my offering be a fragrance pleasing to the Lord.


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