Making the Choice

Every time I make a choice I’m giving something up. It’s up to me to weigh the cost. If I choose to watch the program on CBS I must, as the very least, postpone viewing the program on NBC. If I choose to get up early enough to exercise and spend my quiet time with God, I give up the opportunity to stay snuggled in my comfy bed.

That’s true of my business decisions as well. One of the biggest decisions I have to make is whether to change or keep doing things the way I’ve been doing them. I have to weigh the cost. Another choice that I know many of us in direct sales struggle with is whether or not to make our calls.

If I know my priorities, it’s a little easier to make those choices. If my priority is to fill my calendar, the pain of making those calls is worth it. If my comfort is more important than my calendar, I’ll choose not to make the calls. It really is that simple.

When I’m struggling with a decision I sometimes sit down and actually write out my priorities. I will then put that list where I can see it while I’m processing my choices. This helps me tremendously, especially in making my business decisions.

So, what choices, what decisions are you facing today? If you find them difficult, try looking at the cost. Oh, and remember this—doing nothing is making a choice by default. Rarely does that choice move you further toward your goals.


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