Accentuate the Positive

It’s no shock to anyone that I’m a positive person. I once had a co-worker tell me that she had something terrible happen to her the day before. However, before she told me the story she warned me that if I came up with something good about it she was going to smack me.

What may be shocking to some it that I often have negative thoughts. As a matter of fact, I probably have as many initially negative thoughts as the average person. The difference is in how I choose to deal with them.

First, I examine the thought. I ask myself if it’s true, loving, and helpful. If I can’t honestly say that it’s all three, I have a choice to make. If it’s not true, I think, “That’s not true,” and reject the thought entirely. If it’s true but not loving and helpful, I see if I can restate the fact in more loving, helpful terms.

Here’s the hard part. I then move on.

Dwelling on negative thoughts is what gives them power. There are times when I have to draw my mind away from something negative over and over. I take a deep breath. I pray, asking God to redirect my mind. I re-focus my mind on whatever task is at hand. I repeat these actions as often as necessary.

One thing that really helps me maintain a positive outlook is humor. I make it a point to laugh every day. I read the funnies. I have a perpetual calendar of Anita Renfroe quotes that cracks me up. (Anita’s a Christian comedienne.) I do my best to surround myself with happy, fun, funny people.

It’s not easy, but you can change your momentum to the direction of positive thought. Like most anything else, attitude is a habit. If you’ve found yourself dwelling on the negative lately, try purposely redirecting your thoughts. After all, you’re the only one in control of what you think.


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