Why Am I Doing That?

I do a lot of stuff. Some of it’s related to business. Some of it’s related to my roles as wife and mother. Some of it’s in service of my other roles. One thing that’s been on my mind lately is my reason for doing various things.

I’m sure that part of this is related to my preparation for leading Bible study this week. My topic is duty versus love—why we do what we do. However, today I’m thinking of my business.

My online friends talk a lot about why we have our businesses. I think of that as my big why. Remembering that can help during those times when I’m struggling. That’s not what I’m talking about now, though. I’m talking about the reason for each action. Why do I make calls? Why do I put certain things in my host kits? Why do I include certain things in my guest packets?

It’s so easy to slip into doing things just because they’re habit. The problem with that is what made sense a year ago might not make sense now. I think it’s important to periodically examine my reasons for doing certain things. If they’re no longer serving a purpose, they’re a waste of time.


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