Introducing The Furry Guy

I’m married to an amazing man. He’s known far and wide as The Furry Guy. Three’s a good reason for that. He has long hair, a full beard, and a large amount of hair on the rest of his body. He has a receding hairline, but he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not losing his hair. It’s simply sliding backward.

He’s also known as the furry MacGyver. You remember the television show MacGyver—the main character could save the day with a chewing gum wrapper, a paper clip, and a shoestring. The Furry Guy is a genius at making things from what normal people would consider junk.

One of his most well known projects is the Redneck Spa. He took a 6’ round horse trough, a pool pump, a black tank, a couple of trash cans, some fiber-fill, a little charcoal, and a few odds and ends to make a great place for us to relax. Our spa is solar-heated. The filtered water returns to the pool in a gentle waterfall. The whole thing is surrounded by Echinacea, so the water is infused with the pollen. It’s wonderful.

The very fact that he sees possibilities instead of trash amazes me. His mind doesn’t work like most people’s.

Friends will also tell you how amazingly generous The Furry Guy is. He gives of his time, talents, and possessions without any thought as to what he might get in return. He is quick to lend a hand and has been known to go out of his way for people he’s never met and will likely never meet again.

He loves children, and children love him. At times hordes of children have appeared seemingly from nowhere to play with him. Occasionally they appear to mistake him for a jungle gym, but he doesn’t mind.

One of the oddest things about The Furry Guy is that his family sees him as cheap and not particularly bright. We drive older vehicles and don’t spend money in the same ways as most of his family members. He doesn’t have a degree and doesn’t work with computers. Those are things that are very important to his family. It’s a matter of different priorities. They really don’t know what an amazing man The Furry Guy is.

I consider myself one of the most blessed women on the planet to have been chosen by The Furry Guy.

Right now I have the pleasure of leading a small group with a friend. We are using the book The Five Love Languages as a focal point for our group, so I’ve been thinking about love and marriage. Our marriage has had its ups and downs. After all, we’re human. We have a close, loving, fun, wonderful marriage, though. It’s my goal to continue to grow even closer to The Furry Guy as time goes by. We’ve been married for over 24 years, and if I have my way we’ll be married for at least another 50.


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