My Legacy

I spent some time last night walking through an old cemetery. It was interesting. Many of the headstones were from the early to mid 1800s. One of the things I noticed was that they listed the date of death, then the exact age of the deceased—X years, X months, X days.

I didn’t know any of the people whose names I read. Most of them died over 100 years before I was born. Still, my life may have been affected by some of them. Things they did during their lives could have had far-reaching consequences that are still making a difference today.

One hundred years from now there will be few people who remember me. That’s assuming there are any at all. I’m not famous, and I doubt I’ll become famous. Still, what I do today could still be causing ripples in lives a hundred years from now. The little one who learns about Jesus in my class may become the grandma who takes her little ones to church to learn about Jesus. The woman that I advise tomorrow may stay with her husband, changing the dynamic of their marriage, leading to a family that remains lovingly intact. That could provide an example for generations to come.

Every one of us causes ripples through time. I want my life to cause ripples of love that move through the years nudging people toward the Lord. In order for that to happen, I must make the choices, say the words, that cause those ripples to happen.


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