My Boss

My boss is terrible. Sometimes I don’t like my boss at all. My boss focuses on my mistakes and rarely congratulates me on my successes. If I do 15 things right and 1 thing wrong, you can bet it’s that 1 wrong thing my boss will fixate on.

My boss makes unreasonable demands. My boss expects me to do much more than anyone else. My boss expects me to keep track of everyone else. If someone else drops the ball my boss blames me. Most of the time I’m pretty good at standing up for myself, but sometimes I let my boss bully me.

Why don’t I quit? I can’t. I’m self-employed. My boss is me. I do all of those things to myself. I know I’m not alone.

As an independent consultant, the way I treat myself has huge consequences. I must encourage and support myself if I’m to be successful.

I’ve started really taking stock of the things I say to myself. I’m working on making sure my boss treats me better.


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