People Are Watching

What do you do when you arrive at your destination? I’ve seen people check their teeth. I’ve seen women fix their makeup. I seen people do major work on their hair. I’ve seen women adjust their undergarments. I’ve seen women adjust their breasts inside their undergarments. Lately I’ve even seen people brush their teeth with those little brush thingies.

These are all good things to do. We all need to look our best. I just want to give you something to think about. Would you do those things in front of the person you’re meeting?

Yesterday I met with one of my customers. I finished a call and gathered my things before exiting my van. As I approached the door it opened. Someone inside had been watching for me to get out. That person saw everything I did in my vehicle. Everything. That got me thinking.

I know that most driveways are visible from somewhere in the house. I know that many businesses have detailed surveillance available. Gee, I even have one host who has a video camera that watches her driveway so she can see who has arrived. That means she could also see them doing any of the things I mentioned in that first paragraph.

This brings me to my point. Sometimes I have quite a drive before I arrive at my destination. I might grab a meal or a snack on the way. I might need to do a little primping before I enter. The best idea is to take a few minutes and make a stop to take care of those things before I arrive at my destination.

It didn’t worry me for my host to see me finish my call, turn off my ringer, and grab my stuff. I would have been terribly embarrassed if her teenage son (who was the one manning the door) saw me adjust my, um, assets.


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