It’s Not My Fault

That’s the first thing out of a child’s mouth when they get caught. Too often it’s the first thing out of adults’ mouths when things don’t go their way.

Recently I spoke with a businessman who was frustrated that one of his employees hides his mistakes. The business owner knows that people are human. We make mistakes. The business owner wasn’t upset over the mistakes that had been made. He was upset over the employee’s actions after the mistake was made.

One of the things I’ve been working on is taking complete responsibility for my errors, my lapses in judgment, my failures. If I don’t do what I’m supposed to, I’m the one to blame. Yes, distractions happen. However, it’s up to me to ignore those distractions. If my things don’t get done, it’s my fault.

In my direct sales business the corporation offers frequent incentives. They’re great carrots for us to reach just a little further. I’ve listened to people complain about missing a prize they wanted.

The host didn’t close.

The director didn’t remind them.

The instructions weren’t clear. Those details were in the fine print.

Can’t you just hear them saying, “It’s not my fault”? Maybe that host did drag her feet. Then again, maybe the consultant should have arranged her schedule so that she didn’t have everything riding on that one host. It would have been good of the director to remind her that the deadline was approaching. Then again, the consultant is an adult business owner. No one should have to hold her hand. And, reading the fine print is part and parcel of running our businesses well.

It’s human nature to look for someone else to blame. However, unless I take responsibility I can’t grow. I can’t move beyond my current circumstances.


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