Business Everywhere

I’m off today to work a temp assignment. While I’ll be carrying my bag with the logo advertising my direct sales business, I won’t be my usual walking billboard. I will be in contact with few people, and I won’t speak about my business when I meet them. Still, I may encounter people on my way to work. I’ll be out at lunch. I will be making several stops on my way home. These will be opportunities for business contacts.

Now, I’ve never really been shy. I’ve always talked to strangers. I talk about much, much more than my business, but I don’t hesitate to bring it up if I can.

Lots of people struggle with the idea of being pushy. There’s a stereotype of the direct sales person who steers every conversation into a sales pitch. That’s pushy. It’s also obnoxious and rude. I refuse to turn into one of those people.

People can’t do business with me if they don’t know I’m in business, though. I keep my eyes open for the opportunity to tell others what I do. They can show me how to take it from there.


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