I’ve confessed before that I enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model. This season it’s young women under 5′ 7″. As a vertically-challenged woman, I’m excited. Most of the women are lovely—until they open their mouths. Some of them have foul mouths. Profanity spews forth frequently. Some are rude. Some are arrogant. Some are horribly negative, complaining about everything. These women become less attractive with every comment.

I know some beautiful women. Some of them aren’t women you’d pick out of a crowd, but their beauty shines forth in everything they say and do. Their smiles are contagious and light up the room. Outside beauty usually fades with age. Internal beauty grows and blossoms.

I’ve chosen my hair color and style because I believe it flatters me, making me look my best. I choose clothes that I believe flatter my figure and project the image I want to present to the world. I work on my look.

I’m also working on my beauty. I’m doing my best to be conscious of the words I say, the attitude I project. There’s only so much I can do about the way I look, but I have complete control over my beauty.


7 Responses to Beautiful

  1. Ann says:

    Oh, shoot. I missed the premiere. I haven’t had that network on a whole lot in the past couple of weeks, and didn’t know the new season was starting this week. Guess I’ll have to try to catch it online, once they put the full episode up (only interviews and deleted scenes are posted now).

    • mommabates says:

      It was classic ANTM. They started this season with a makeover (they told you that much in the previews), and, of course, one of the girls hated hers. I think you’ll love it. This looks to be an interesting cycle.

  2. Ann says:

    I just finished watching it online, and there seem to be a bunch of girls who are really similar to girls from past cycles. Bianca reminds me a LOT of Nnenna, not only physically, but in her attitude as well. And that’s not a good thing. Sundai’s face could be a copy of Danielle (Cycle 6 winner), and the Asian girl reminds me of the Asian from that same season (and not just because she’s Asian – there were some mannerisms). And wasn’t there a girl in Season 5 (the London season) who had an issue with full-face photos, like the gal with the blonde mane and the plants in her photo? The redhead reminds me a lot of my niece, but some of her habits border on anti-social and make me wonder if she suffers from undiagnosed Ausberger’s.

    I also find it interesting that they didn’t add another model as a regular judge. In fact, there was a clip on The Soup this week of an interview with Tyra in which the interviewer suggested that Paulina left because she was jealous of Tyra.

    If nothing else, the height thing will prove to be interesting. I predict several challenges relating to appearing taller in photos and on runway.

    • mommabates says:

      I noticed those similarities as well. Frankly, I was glad to Bianca wind up in the final two. Let’s hope she answers that wake-up call. I can’t remember which cycle, but there was definitely someone who struggled with full-face photos. Funny, I made the same connection with the redhead. We’re beginning to think a lot alike. You should be frightened. LOL!

  3. Ann says:

    hmm… on Wikipedia, the page for the current season has a couple of spoilers for the next episode or 2, and one of them is that this week, a model is eliminated mid-episode after meeting with a rep from Wilhemina Models. Nicole (the redhead) is my pick for that, since she has zero personality and wouldn’t make a good impression. Or, if she keeps her attitude, Bianca.

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