The Anniversary

Today is September 11, 2009. I have friends who are celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries today, as our nation remembers another anniversary—one that changed our country in many ways.

I’ve seen people who still harbor a burning hatred because of what happened eight years ago. I’ve seen people whose sympathies lie with those who committed the atrocities. I’ve seen people who believe the atrocities were perpetrated by our own government. I’ve seen people who barely register that this date holds any meaning at all.

The reactions today will be wide-ranging. There will be memorials. There will be people spouting rhetoric. There will be people who lost loved ones remembering a very personal, private tragedy.

I hope you will take a moment or two today to remember those who lost their lives. No matter how you feel about this country or the people who caused the incidents, those who died that day and the people they left behind deserve to be remembered.


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