Change is the one constant in life. The way in which you face change determines how successful you’ll be.

Recently I was told that there was going to be a big change in a certain area of my life. However, I wasn’t given any of the details. Now, I could be frustrated. I could be angry. (After all, I liked how things were going in that particular area.) I could worry and fret about what those changes might be. Or, I could open myself up to the change and be flexible.

I chose to be flexible. I made it clear that I was open to whatever choices were made. I was honest and clear about my hopes for what this change would bring.

Yesterday I was told that things are going to be almost exactly what I would have chosen. Things don’t always work out that way, but they were going to be whatever they were going to be. It was out of my hands. (I would normally not be so vague, but these changes affect other people. I don’t want to be specific until the news becomes public.)

My business is the same way. Changes happen, whether that’s because of what hosts do or because of corporate changes from the home office. I can grumble and complain, or I can accept that this is one of life’s realities.

I’ve found that being flexible makes my life run much more smoothly.


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