Are you looking at the title and saying, “Yes, that’s absolutely right”? It is, you know.

Some of you read that as “OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOWHERE.” And, you’re right. In today’s economy, opportunities are nowhere to be seen.

Some of you read that as “OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOW HERE.” And, you’re right. People are looking for ways to make money and ways to save money.

How can both statements be true? Because you’ll find what you expect to find. People who look around and notice only the bad news, the hard times, the struggles, won’t find business because they aren’t looking for it. People who notice the people looking for new ways to do things will find business because they’re looking for it.

By the way, I can’t take credit for the basic lesson here. I’ve heard it before, and I was recently reminded of it in a Zig Ziglar newsletter. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth repeating, though.


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