Wife Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, September 19, is Wife Appreciation Day. I didn’t know that until I was watching The Bonnie Hunt Show today. It got me to thinking.

You see, our small group is reading The Five Love Languages. The principal is that we all have a love tank. Unless we’re told, in our own love language, that we’re loved, that tank gets empty. An empty love tank can lead to the death of a marriage, the rebellion of a teenager, and the breakdown of all kinds of relationships.

Wife Appreciation Day is a great idea. Husband Appreciation Day is the third Saturday in April. However, if you wait until then to let your husband know how much you appreciate him you’re making a big mistake.

I heard on the radio recently that love grows from one good thought on top of another on top of another on top of another on top of another . . . Love dies the same way—one bad thought on top of another on top of another . . . But, I think that neglect kills just as many marriages as the lack of love.

For the last several years I’ve made it a point to let The Furry Guy know how much I love and appreciate him. I tell him with words, acts of service (like making his favorite foods), physical touch, gifts, and quality time. Yes, I try to use all five love languages. I really concentrate, though, on his primary language which is acts of service.

Tomorrow we’re traveling with a group to a museum. It’s been planned for weeks. We’ll talk. We’ll laugh. We’ll spend time together. I know I’ll feel appreciated. I’ll also do my best to make sure the feeling is mutual.


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