The Power of Connection

A few years ago, not long after I started my business, I met a woman I’ll call Susan. Susan came to a party I did. I didn’t know at the time that she had just signed up to start her own business. She signed up to receive my newsletter.

A year or so ago she quit her business. She contacted me a few months ago because she was sending one of her friends my way. Her friend wanted to host a party, and Susan remembered how much fun she had at mine.

Susan’s friend’s party was last night. We won’t close it until Thursday, but right now it’s more than triple the company sales average. Susan was there and told everyone how helpful she finds my newsletter.

Someone else was at the party. I’ll call her Carol. Carol and I met in a waiting room. We talked. The next week I dropped off some product information at her house along with my pastor’s book. At last night’s party she paid me a wonderful compliment. I’m not going to share it, but it touched my heart.

I also met another woman at the party. Her mother-in-law is mentioned in my pastor’s book, and she wanted to let me know who she is.

My business is all about connections. That first connection with Susan didn’t seem to produce much at the time, but look where it’s led so far. While I didn’t have oodles of bookings, I know I made connections last night. Who knows where they might lead.

Don’t be heavily focused on the immediate results of your connections. Keep making them and nurturing them. They’re the foundation of your business.


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