Give Them a Reason

I tend to build loyal customers. Part of the reason is that I maintain contact with them through newsletters and occasional calls. I offer tips and suggestions beyond my products.

Jeffery Gitomer, a famed author and motivational speaker, talked about this in a recent newsletter. He says that customer relations are like high school. If you don’t maintain contact they’ll run out of reasons to stay committed.

I think that’s so true. Now, I’m not going to say that no one who buys from me ever goes to another consultant. What I’m saying is that I have a lot of repeat business.

In direct sales, relationship is everything. Just like it’s easy to lose contact with friends over time, it’s easy to lose contact with your customers. Make connection time a part of your weekly schedule. Set aside time to make calls, send emails, or send postcards.

I have one warning, though. There’s a fine line between maintaining contact and stalking. Unless someone has specifically asked to receive weekly notifications of some kind, one or two emails a month is plenty.


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