I recently worked a temp assignment in a very quiet office. Most of my time was spent reading and waiting for the phone to ring. Sales associates wandered in and out at various times during the day.

One particular salesman, I’ll call him Bob, caught my attention. Because the office was small and quiet, I had no trouble hearing Bob when he made his sales calls. Bob uses a lot of profanity in his calls. Now, I’m not surprised when someone uses mild profanity. We live in a society where heck and darn just aren’t quite as common as their stronger counterparts. However, when someone uses the F-word during every third or fourth sentence, I’m taken aback.

To be honest, I might not have been quite so surprised if he had been talking with co-workers or crewmen, but this man was talking to customers. Customers.

When our son was very young and first discovered naughty words, I told him that we don’t use that kind of language in our home. I also told him that using words like that would make people think he wasn’t smart enough to use other words to express himself.

I got to thinking about what our response to that salesman might have been. Most likely we would never have done business with him or the business he represents. To me it would be a matter of respect. It is simply disrespectful to use gross profanity. I talked with The Furry Guy about it, and he agreed. Maybe this man uses that kind of language in front of his grandmother. I don’t know. What I do know is that this man could possibly be costing his company business.

Think about the language you use. Is it positive? It respectful? If not, you might want to practice a different way of speaking. After all, you don’t want your verbal habits to cost you business.


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