Menial Jobs

As a temp, I do a lot of menial jobs. I answer phones. I do a stacks of filing. There are people in my life who really look down on those things. They don’t have any respect for those who do aren’t doing the important things.

The funny thing is that I take great pride in those menial jobs. First of all, by taking care of the “unimportant” things, I free up those with more responsibility so they can do the more important things. A good portion of my job is enabling others to do theirs better, more efficiently.

Secondly, those menial tasks aren’t really all that unimportant. For instance, if things aren’t filed properly, customer service is nearly impossible, audits will fail, and people will be immensely frustrated. (If you like getting paid accurately and on time be thankful for proper filing.) If there isn’t a friendly voice answering the phone, business can be lost.

My dear friend is a cleaning woman. She spent some time cleaning offices. She now cleans mostly private homes. People can view her almost as a non-person. Think about it, though. If no one ever cleaned your office, how long would you be comfortable? How long before the mess started to affect your ability to perform your job?

It is those who do the menial tasks who make life more livable. If you’re one of the people doing those menial jobs, take heart. Hold up your head. Take pride in your work. I consider the temp work I do to be acts of service to others. I do it with the same dedication and attention to detail with which I run my business.

By the way, that friend is also a pastor, a gifted speaker, and an amazing artist. She spends a lot of her cleaning time praying—having deep conversations with God. She says it’s amazing how much you can deepen your relationship with the Lord while you’re cleaning toilets. People who dismiss her because she’s “just a cleaning woman” are really missing out.


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