The Pursuit of When

“What an interesting life I had. And how I wish I had realized it sooner!” ~Colette, French writer

When I lose this extra weight I’ll . . .

When I get married I’ll . . .

Once I have kids I’ll . . .

When I finally . . .

When . . .

How many things are you waiting to do? Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about delayed gratification. Waiting until you’re able to afford that Alaskan cruise to actually take the cruise is a very good thing. Still, you don’t want to miss out on today in the pursuit of when.

I’ve seen far too many people so focused on that one elusive day in the future that they miss out on the beauty of today. Men who work so hard for so many hours that they don’t get to know their growing families. Women who are so busy searching for Mr. Right that they basically put their lives on hold.

Patience is a good thing. Investing so much of your time and energy in some future eventuality that you don’t fully engage in today is not. Don’t let the pursuit of when become the theme of your life. Realize today that you lead an interesting life.


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