My Bad

Yesterday I was driving through a large town and observed a man standing in the median with a hand-lettered sign. The sign had the name of a nearby car dealership followed by, “ripped me off!!!”

Later that evening I was talking with one of my customers. She was telling me about a car she’d recently helped her daughter buy from a different dealer. Within 24 hours of the purchase the car developed serious problems. The dealer had the car towed to his business and was in the process of fixing the problem.

The way you handle mistakes makes a difference. I occasionally make an error in figuring someone’s order or in placing the order itself. When that happens I take care of it myself and at my own expense. It’s my error, so it’s my responsibility.

Through the years I’ve heard varying statistics about customers. Basically they tell me this. If a customer is pleased he or she may tell a handful of people. If that same customer is displeased he or she will tell everyone they know.

Now, I can’t please everyone. I’m sure you could find people out there who have at one time or another been displeased with me and the way I do business. Still, as much as I am able, I do my best to make sure my customers are happy.

I think too many people in business are reluctant to admit when they’ve made a mistake. Customers will be much more understanding if you’ll just admit it and make it right.


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