A body in motion tends to remain in motion until acted upon by an external force.

Momentum is an interesting thing in business. So is inertia. Momentum can carry you through a rough patch. Inertia can cause you to stall out even when your peers are experiencing a great season.

How do you create momentum? Keep moving. I know it sounds simplistic, but it’s making the calls and additional contacts. It’s choosing to be consistent. The direct sales company I’m with (along with every other company) has rules for staying active. That means that I have to have a certain level of sales, or I lose some of my perks.

A down time can happen to anyone. Hosts flake. Family emergencies can take the focus. There are months when things just fall apart. But, if you have momentum, the damage is less.

The key is consistency. It’s so easy to look back and realize that a week (or two or three) has gone by since I last made calls. I can check my calendar and realize that I’ve not been properly coaching my host for the party that’s scheduled two or three days from now.

By setting a schedule and keeping to it, you can create momentum. Those of us who are self-employed have the wonderful freedom of setting our own schedules. We also carry the added burden of having to motivate ourselves. It’s easy to lose momentum. A host cancels. We get more negative than positive answers to our inquiries. We slide into a funk. The next thing we know weeks have gone by. Inertia has set in.

Create your own momentum by setting a schedule and sticking to it. Your business will thank you.


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