Christmas Every Day

There’s an old tale about a girl who makes a wish that it be Christmas every day. It doesn’t take too long for people to get really fed up with daily celebrations and gift-giving. She soon decides that having Christmas only once a year helps to make it special.

However, as a Christian I think it’s important to keep Christmas every day. I try every day to be mindful of the great sacrifices Christ made on my behalf. The first sacrifice was leaving heaven and coming to earth in the form of a child. He gave up (or at the very least chose not to use) all of His power and might in order to experience what I experience. The second sacrifice was, of course, on the cross. Both sacrifices were made for my benefit.

When I keep those sacrifices in mind, it helps me to remember to treat others in a way that He would find pleasing. He told us to love one another. That’s supposed to be our distinguishing characteristic.

It’s been noted that people tend to be more loving, gracious, and kind during the Christmas season. I think it would be a really good idea if people would keep that Christmas spirit all year long.


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