That’s My Plan

I had an interesting talk with a woman in the grocery store the other day. (Yes, I frequently talk to strangers. It’s a hobby.) She was clearly frustrated that the person in front of her was taking so much time. She made some comment to me about always picking the slowest line. I told her that my theory is that you never enter a grocery store if you’re in a hurry.

She turned more fully toward me, paused for just a moment, then said, “And, when, exactly, is that? We’re all always in a hurry.”

I told her that I’m not. I plan my day. I set my priorities. If something happens I adjust. If something doesn’t get done today there’s always tomorrow. I’m not sure she believed me.

Yes, there are some things that must be done on a particular time-table. However, most of what we do is stuff that we can control to some extent. I’m a very busy woman. I get a lot done. I move quickly, but I’m rarely in a hurry. I’m rarely rushed. Rushing isn’t conducive to good health. It’s also a good way to miss out on the amazing things going on all around us.

It does take some planning, but it’s worth it.


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