There’s an old story about a baseball coach who starts a practice by saying that for that day they were going to focus on fundamentals. He then holds up two items and says, “This is a ball. This is a bat.”

Fundamentals are the basics. They’re the underlying truths upon which anything is built. And, they never change.

I’ll be heading out today to a team meeting for my direct sales company. I’ll share ideas with other consultants. I’ll be challenged by my director. I’ll be encouraged to set goals and reach for them. But, honestly, I won’t really learn anything new. You see, the fundamentals remain the same.

The fundamentals of my business are maintaining contact, providing customer care, and offering added value. Now, the way we go about those can definitely change. Contact looks different today than it did almost 30 years ago when the company I’m with got started. It’s good for me to take a look at how I’m handling those fundamentals and decide what’s working and what needs some work. That’s part of why I attend these meetings.

One of the most frustrating things I hear from other consultants after a training event is, “They didn’t tell me anything new.” Well, of course they didn’t. They reinforced the fundamentals. If these consultants had listened carefully, with an open mind, they probably would have heard some new twists on those fundamentals, though.

If your business (or family, or job, or ministry) seems stuck in a rut, you might want to consider evaluating how well you’re doing at the fundamentals.


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