Fighting My Ego

Sometimes my insides, my thoughts, aren’t what I’d like them to be.

• Someone severely edits something I’ve written, and I feel criticized.

• Someone in authority rearranges something I had planned, going in a completely different direction, and I think, “Well, gee, I thought I was in charge of that.”

• Someone cuts me off in traffic, and I think, “Idiot!”

After all, the world’s all about me. Right? Wrong. Once I remember that, it gets a little easier to get my thoughts in line.

• The edit was most likely necessary. I can be a bit wordy. (I know, you’re shocked.)

• The person in authority is really the one in charge, and the direction they took things is better/closer to the true vision.

• The person who cut me off might be in a big hurry to reach a loved one who is sick or injured.

Despite what my ego tells me, very little is really about me. It takes some effort, but once I remember that it’s probably not about me at all and get my thoughts headed in a better direction, life is much, much better.


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