Men & Women

I grew up in a time when we were told that, except for a few obvious physical differences, men and women were essentially the same. The only differences were the way we were raised and socialized as children. Wrong.

I’ve worked with children for a number of years. I’ve seen parents try to neutralize their own gender influences on their children. Their little girls turned GI Joe into a baby and their little boys turned Barbie into a gun.

After a day of play two little girls will know each other’s favorite color, dolls’ names, and a dozen other personal details. After a day of play two little boys may be really good friends and still not know each other’s names.

Boys and girls are different. Men and women are different.

The Furry Guy was out searching for a part in various stores. An employee at one of the stores was one of our son’s friends. They were classmates, though they hadn’t really been in close touch for a number of years. The Furry Guy told me he’d run into the young man. I asked how he was doing. The Furry Guy responded that he looked okay. They really just talked about the part.

Since we’ve been married for almost a quarter of a century, I wasn’t particularly surprised. We laughed about it because if it had been me who had run into the young man I would have known his wife’s name, where they were living, and several more things by the time I’d finished my business at that store.

Men and women are different. We relate to people differently. Different doesn’t mean wrong, though. I think one of the most dangerous things you can do to your marriage is to decide that you do things right, and your spouse’s way is wrong. Is it occasionally frustrating? Of course. But, it’s our differences that allow us to complement one another.


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