Networking Your Customers

I’m part of a great networking group. It’s amazing how much business you can funnel toward someone you know and respect. Many of us in direct sales meet a huge number of people in any given month. If you get to know those people, what’s really going on in their lives, you can sometimes offer benefits outside of your own business.

For instance, I know a great company that does cleanup and reclamation. If you have water or smoke damage or a mold problem, these people are fantastic. They also do an amazing job at standard carpet cleaning. If you aren’t satisfied the first time they’ll do it again. If you still aren’t satisfied after the second time, they’ll pay for the company of your choice to do it.

As I’m chatting with people I learn what’s going on in their lives. If they mention that their water heater died and flooded their finished basement, I can ask if they’ve had someone out to take care of things properly. If they say they haven’t because they don’t have any clue who to ask or who they can trust, I can share the info for the company I know.

Now, if you’re a typical direct sales consultant (or rep, or whatever your company calls it), you’re wondering how this adds to your business. It’s simple. Our business is all about trust and relationships. By helping them in an area that has nothing at all to do with my business, I build both.

Another way to network with your customers is to encourage referrals. Ask them to tell their friends about you. I offer a small reward to those who refer their friends and family to me. But, the main thing is simply to ask.

If you aren’t networking with your customers, you’re missing out on a great business opportunity.


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