Let Your Yes Be Yes

I had a conversation recently with two people who were in charge of planning an event I attended. I was helping with the event, so I had a chance to talk with the two planners. We were all disappointed in the turnout from people who had said they would attend. Unfortunately, this is epidemic in our society.

What really disturbed the planners was that this was a Christian group. As Christians, we are expected to be people of our word. That doesn’t just mean when you say, “I promise to . . . .” When you say that you’ll do something or be somewhere, you should keep your word.

This is key in business as well. I can’t tell you the number of times someone has said that they’ll call me or they’ll take care of something and then not follow through. This can kill your business. I won’t pretend that I’ve never let something slip through the cracks. It happens. It is, however, rare. Generally if I say I’ll do something you can count on me.

I’ve mentioned before that direct sales is all about relationship. Let me ask you this. How do you feel about people who routinely break their word? My guess is that you aren’t particularly fond of them. Is that how you want your customers to feel about you?

Keep your word. Follow through. It’s a good business practice. And, if you’re a Christian, it’s the least that’s expected of you.


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