I know this isn’t a popular subject. That’s okay. I’ve never been particularly popular. Just hear me out.

Years ago I got into a discussion about submission with one of The Furry Guy’s cousins about submission. He was shocked to find out that I believe in Biblical submission. He asked if it was really okay with me if The Furry Guy did something I didn’t agree with.

That’s what most people think submission is. They think it’s gritting your teeth and going along when your spouse does something stupid. That’s not it at all.

I explained to the cousin that The Furry Guy loves and respects me. He values my opinions. If I were dead-set against something, he would be very unlikely to go ahead with it. If he did, I trust him enough to believe he had a good reason. My main point with the cousin, though, was that submission has very little to do with trusting my husband and everything to do with trusting God.

By the way, if you read it carefully you’ll notice that the Bible says that husbands and wives are to submit to one another. Those verses don’t give a man a license to treat his wife like a second-class citizen. They certainly don’t make her a doormat.

Oh, and the whole grit your teeth thing? That’s not submission. That’s adopting a bad attitude. Yes, The Furry Guy sometimes makes decisions that I don’t agree with. It’s most often after we’ve discussed things. He’s listened to my objections and given them fair consideration. Because I know I’ve been heard, I am perfectly fine (most of the time) with whatever decision he makes. The results? Most of the time those decisions turn out right. I was concerned about nothing. Other times he’ll look at me and say, “I guess you were right.” No “I told you so” allowed.

No matter what happens, I trust God enough to trust my husband. And, he trusts God enough to listen to me.


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