Give Them a Reason

I have really good repeat business. It is my goal for my customers to think of me when they hear the name of my company. I try always to remember that people need a reason to choose me. Here are some of the things I try to do to keep people coming back:

I’m funny. Well, at least I crack me up. My goal is to have fun at my parties. Generally if I’m having fun the guests are as well.

I care. This is something you can’t fake. I genuinely care about the people I meet through my business. If they mention an upcoming birthday, surgery, move, or whatever, I do my best to check back with them to see how things went.

I help. I do my best to be a good resource for my customers. They know that I’ll give them whatever help I can. They know they can call me any time day or night. If I don’t answer, I’ll be sure to get back with them as soon as I can. Returning calls in a timely manner, even if it’s to say that I don’t have an answer but will get one, is a matter of courtesy and integrity for me. Frankly, I believe this is one of the biggest advantages I have over other consultants.

Not everyone will choose me. That’s okay. My goal isn’t to be the only consultant anyone ever chooses. My goal is to give people a good reason to choose me.


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