Tiger’s tale

I’m not a golf fan, but it’s impossible not to know who Tiger Woods is. His talent on the golf course has led to a very lucrative endorsement career. His clean-cut, wholesome image has made him additional millions.

Now the news is filled with speculation about his personal life. I believe Tiger is entitled to a private personal life. I truly believe that if he had made good, moral choices and remained faithful to his wife and family his personal life would have remained private.

It’s a shame that his family is going through this very difficult time. As hurtful as this type of thing is privately, I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your personal pain become fodder for every comedian, magazine, and newspaper in America. My heart goes out to his wife.

I have to admit, though, that I have very little sympathy for Tiger himself. He has now admitted to “transgressions.” He made a poor choice. I know there are probably beautiful women throwing themselves at him all the time. Still he made a choice. He made this choice knowing that it would hurt his wife. He made this choice knowing that his children could suffer. He made this choice knowing that he is a very famous person and therefore any “transgressions” would be big news.

I certainly hope he and his wife can work through this rough place in their marriage. I hope that Tiger chooses to remain faithful to his wife in the future.

The scandal will die down. Some other bit of hot gossip will dominate our culture soon. But, the damage has been done. It may take years for Tiger to earn back America’s heart. He may never regain the status he held before this news broke.

I also hope that people view Tiger’s tale as a cautionary one. Keep your commitments. Honor your vows.

One final note—I know that humor is one of the ways we deal with shock and hurt. Still, I’m a little saddened by the tone of some of the humor surrounding the speculation that Tiger’s wife hit him with a golf club. If the roles were reversed, few people would find the image of a man hitting his wife with a golf club humorous. Not to get too preachy, but domestic violence just isn’t funny.


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