In my direct sales business I’m encouraged to build a team. In the parlance of direct sales, that means bringing people into the business under my leadership. It’s of benefit to me and to those who sign up.

I’ve been thinking about teams, and I’ve been working at building a good team. But, I’m not talking about those signing up with my direct sales business. I’m talking about the people I meet who have their own skills, talents, and businesses.

By listening to people talk about their passions and their lives, I’ve developed a network of people who can help me and one another in just about any situation. Need legal advice? I know a guy. Need cleaning products that contain no harsh chemicals? I know a woman. Need a speaker for an event? Let me know the general subject and I probably know someone who would do a great job. Need an estimate for just about any kind of work around your house or property? I can suggest someone who will do a good job at a reasonable price.

When people think about networking most of them think about sharing business contacts. That’s one part of it, but I think being able to help a friend or customer with something beyond my own products is one of the most amazing things about networking. Of course, if all I’m focused on when I talk to someone is whether or not I can sell them something, I’m never going to learn what they have to offer or how they might be helped by someone else I know.

My husband and I were talking the other day about how blessed we are to know so many different people with such diverse areas of knowledge and expertise. We are surrounded by a great team. If you’re a member of that team, thank you.


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