Christmas Is Bad for You

That’s right. If you listen to certain people these days you’ll hear how bad Christmas is.

All that travel is bad for the planet—not to mention all of the wrapping paper. Oh, and the lights are a big waste of electricity.

Gifts are bad for the economy. You read that right. There’s an Australian economist who says that gift-giving is lousy economics. He says that when you spend $100 on something you want for yourself you get about $100 worth of enjoyment from it. However, when you spend $100 on a gift, that person’s perceived value of the gift is usually about 20% less. That means you’ve spent $100 for only $80 of enjoyment on the part of the recipient.

Santa’s come under fire. He’s a bad role model. He should slim down and stop eating those cookies and milk. They just aren’t healthy. The report I heard also said something about smoking cigars and driving his sleigh while drunk. I’m not sure they’re familiar with the Santa I know.

Speaking of cookies—we all eat too much of the wrong foods. Again, it’s bad for us. Cookies, eggnog, rich desserts, and fatty foods should be banned.

I think these people have way too much time on their hands and way too little understanding of Christmas. I’ll give you the idea that we eat too much of the wrong things at Christmas. We’re always hearing that most Americans eat too much of the wrong foods all year long, so why should Christmas be any different?

Yes, we travel more during the holidays and that wrapping paper is probably not the best thing for the environment. There are ways around a lot of that. But the reality is that what happens at Christmas is a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the year.

Poor Santa. Does anyone really consider Santa a role model? They cite the fact that he’s fat and happy. Would they feel better if he were depressed about his weight? Are they completely blind to the fact that Santa is a wonderful representation of the spirit of giving? His round belly has long been a symbol of overabundance in a good way.

I’ll admit that they’re probably right about the perception of gift recipients. It’s likely that people underestimate the cost of a gift received. However, this doesn’t take into account the feelings of good will that accompany a gift. These people know nothing about gifts—giving or receiving them.

Don’t listen to these people. They are trying to gain celebrity by some of the meanest methods possible. Enjoy your Christmas celebration. I’m sure we’ll have much more fun than those people.


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