I once heard that discipline is remembering what you want. It’s not really fun to get up at 4:10 and get on an exercise bike. Trust me, I don’t really enjoy it. What keeps me doing it is remembering that I like feeling better over all. I like to keep myself healthy by keeping my blood sugar in check. I like the overall stamina it gives me.

It’s the same way in my business. I love to talk, but I really don’t like making my calls. I would rather do a lot of other things. Picking up that phone for the first call of the day is difficult. What I remember is that I like the results—connection with my customers, increased sales, a full calendar.

Whatever it is you want to do, it probably takes discipline to get there. Keep plugging along. I am not a runner, but I know several people who are. Some of them run marathons. They tell me that keeping the finish line in mind helps them to keep going. They can’t always see it, but they know it’s there waiting for them.

Whatever goal you’ve set for the next year, it will probably take discipline to achieve it. Keep that finish line in mind. Discipline is developed. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.


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