Features and Benefits

Customers usually fall into one of two categories—those who are interested in features and those who are interested in benefits. Most people fall into the second category.

People who are interested in features want to know what it’s made of. How big is it? How much will it hold?

People who are interested in benefits want to know how those things affect them. For instance, it’s made of silicone, which makes it heat safe to 650ºF. That means you can cook with it, and it won’t melt. It holds one quart, which means you can put one pound of ground beef in it.

Features are informative. Benefits are much more personal.

Unfortunately, those of us in direct sales often focus on the features. They’re facts. They’re what we’re given and what we can easily memorize. Benefits take a little more work. We need to use our own products; play with them. We need to get to know them so we can tell people how those products work for us. We need to get feedback from customers to know how they use the products and what they like about them.

If you make the effort to learn the benefits of your product, your customers are much more likely to see you as a great source of information. That makes you a valuable asset, meaning that they’re much more likely to come back to you again and again.


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