Talking to Myself

In supporting new consultants in our direct sales business I often suggest that they practice their demo out loud. There’s something about speaking/hearing the words that plants them in a different place in your brain than if you simply think them.

I’ve decided that talking to yourself is a great idea. That’s not really news. People who help others learn to remember names suggest saying the name out loud as you meet a new person. I just want to broaden the scope. It works for a lot of different things—conversations you want to have, things you need to remember to pick up, things you want to remember to do, pep talks for yourself. You can even work on your tone of voice.

And, here’s the great thing. If you’re driving along talking to yourself, no one will know. In these days of wireless technology people will simply think you’re on the phone.

Go ahead. Try it. You might be surprised at how well it works. And, if you see me driving along seeming to talk on my blue tooth, don’t be fooled. I’m probably just talking to myself.


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