Ordinary Days

Our lives are filled with ordinary days. The extraordinary ones stand out, but they’re rare—the wedding day, the birth of a child, the big vacation. However, the ordinary days make up a childhood, a marriage, a life.

Think about your ordinary days. Do you tell someone you love them? Do you enjoy your food? Do you cuddle a child? These things are all ordinary, but they are also incredibly special. Every ordinary day is filled with precious moments. These are moments we can never get back.

It’s so easy to lose track of our ordinary days. It’s easy to just kind of muddle through them without any thought. That’s exactly how we wake up one day and realize that our children are grown, our marriage is stale, and we’re right smack in the middle of middle age.

Take a moment every day to appreciate at least one precious aspect of that day. Did your child do something funny? Write it down. Did your spouse go out of his (or her) way for you today? Tell him how much you appreciate it and him. Savor every bite of at least one meal. I don’t care if it’s a fast food burger. Savor it. Really taste it. Once you’re in the habit of noticing the precious moments in the midst of your ordinary day, you might realize that every day is extraordinary.


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