Lots of things happen by accident. Sometimes business even happens by accident. But, is that really how you want to do business? Do you really want to leave your business to chance?

As I head out today I’ll be attending another networking meeting. While I’m there I’ll thank one member for over $500 worth of business that was referred to me. I’ll let the members know what type of person I’m on the lookout for right now. I’ll share what I believe sets me apart.

To be honest, it’s a lot of work getting ready for one of these meetings. On the surface of it all I have to do is show up. In reality I have to decide what to share. Who am I looking for right now? How can these people help me? They’re willing. I just need to know what to tell them.

Think about that. If you were to tell someone what your ideal customer looks like this week, what would you tell them? Now, I make it clear that I have something for everyone who eats. But, I’m not really stopping everyone on the street. What is my focus?

For instance, in April my focus will be people whose lives have been touched by cancer—breast cancer in particular. Why? Because we have a special promotion every May that benefits the American Cancer Society. Funds are donated for breast cancer awareness and education.

Archers have a target. Bowlers have a target. Pitchers have a target. Without a target you don’t know which way to aim. Really think about the target for your business. Once you’ve got your target in sight you’ll be ready to take aim and fire.


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