Leading My Team

I’ve recently begun building a team with my direct sales business. It’s wonderful to be able to help and encourage others toward achieving their goals.

I’m excited for my team because every one of them has hit the ground running. They’ve got different definitions for success. That’s one of the great things about our direct sales business—we each get to define success for ourselves. Some will simply want to stay active by doing a bit of business each month. Others will have monetary goals for earning a certain amount of commission each month. Still others will decide that they want to soar to through the ranks, outdoing themselves each month.

On my team each and every one of those different types of success will be applauded. I think that’s important. One of my team members left direct sales before because her director suddenly started pressing her to do more, deriding her for low sales. I never, ever want to be that kind of leader.

I thrive on praise. I reach for those incentives that are dangled in front of me like the proverbial carrots. Still, I know that everyone is different. I plan to find out what makes each of my team members feel like they’re appreciated and make sure that I do those things whenever I can.

A friend who has achieved a high level of success in another direct sales company told me that I would be good as a leader because I’m the type of consultant who will continue to work my business. It’s true that I love my job. I can’t imagine giving up doing the parties. I also know that I need to be an example to my team. If I’m not doing it, why should they?

I realize that as my team grows my methods will need to adjust, but I hope that I will always tailor my leadership to those on my team. I also hope that I will always view each team member as a valued member, no matter how they’re doing.


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